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PageRank and DMOZ and Yahoo directories

Getting listed in the DMOZ and Yahoo directories is a great way to increase your Google Page Rank. These directories are not very popular among searchers, although they will generate some traffic to your web site. But they will also bring you a good number of quality inbound links and increase your link popularity and, consequently, increase your Google Page Rank.

What is Link Popularity? "Link Popularity" system is based on the number and quality of links you get to your web site pages. This means, higher the number of links pointing to your page, the more important your page would be considered. The 'numbers' on stand-alone basis are not the only factor that determines your site's importance. The other related factors that determine your site's importance are the quality of sites that are linked to yours, quality of their content as well as their industry relevance to your site. A web page that links to your site passes on a portion of its own PageRank value to your site. The higher the PageRank of the linking page, the higher is the value passed on to your page.

PageRank also gets divided over the total outgoing links of the linking page. For instance, you get a higher value from a link on PR5 web page that has only 15 outgoing links as against, from a PR5 web page that has 100 outgoing links. It is therefore important to pursue links from higher PR web pages that have lesser number of total outgoing links.

What is DMOZ? DMOZ, also known as The Open Directory Project (ODP), is a large, categorized directory of websites and pages, which is staffed by volunteers. Every website and page that is added to the directory has to be manually reviewed before it is included. Being listed in the directory is free.

Not many people actually use DMOZ for searches in the same way that Yahoo! is used, so the directory itself is of little value in generating traffic. However, its data can be freely downloaded, and any website, however small, can use it. One not so small website that downloads and uses DMOZ's data is Google. In fact, Google's directory is nothing less than the downloaded DMOZ directory.

This has some significant effects for websites that are listed in DMOZ. PageRank is an integral part of Google's ranking algorithm, and higher PageRank helps towards higher rankings. The PageRank within a website is increased by pages from other sites linking to it, and the higher the PageRank of the pages that link to it, the better it is for the receiving site. A listing in DMOZ creates two significant links into a website - one from DMOZ (Google spiders DMOZ just like any other site) and one from the Google directory. Both of these usually have decent PageRank. Then add the links from the thousands of small sites that have downloaded and use the DMOZ directory, and you can see why it is usually quite beneficial for a website to be listed in DMOZ. Simply being listed in DMOZ can take a website from a Toolbar PageRank value of 3 to 4, and even from 4 to 5.

What is Yahoo! Directory? The Yahoo directory is a subject-based guide to web sites and web content provided by Yahoo! editors. Submission to Yahoo! Directory isn't free but is also helps you to increase pagerank of your site.

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