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Advanced Page Rank Analyzer is the Google page rank analysis tool and link popularity software.

The software's major features are described below:

    pull pagerank automatically - Page Rank analysis software. Our tool can automatically extract pagerank values for a list of web sites. All you need to use this feature is Internet Explorer with Google ToolBar installed. PageRank is a measure of web page importance. It can range from 0 (not important page - according to Google) to 10 (very important page - according to Google). PageRank depends on the number and quality of inbound links to your web site. The more inbound links your web site has in search engine databases, the higher is the PageRank your web site will have.

    link popularity software - Link popularity software. One of the determining factors for optimizing a web site for search engines is the number of backward links referring to the web site. With Advanced Page Rank Analyzer, you can find the number of inbound links for each web site on your list. The three major search engines (Google, AltaVista and MSN Search) are used for extracting these values.

    DMOZ presence - Availability in the Google Catalog, DMOZ and Yahoo Directories. Another important thing is adding your web site to the Google Catalog (DMOZ) and Yahoo Directory. DMOZ is a human edited web directory where you can submit your web site free of charge, and the Google Catalog is a copy of DMOZ. Submitting to Yahoo Directory is not free, but it gives you more chances for higher web site rankings. Both of these directories are not very popular, but they give you a good number of quality inbound links. Listing your web site in DMOZ allows you to reach the Page Rank 5 even if there are no other inbound links to your web site! Page Rank Analyzer can check availability of a number of web sites in the DMOZ/Yahoo Directory and thus give you another opportunity to check out your competition's rankings

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